Nordic Namgar

Nordic Namgar 2014


In 2013, the Riddu Riddu festival commisioned a piece by Ole Jørn Myklebust. With Namgar Lhkasaranova from Buryatia in Russia and Niillas Holmberg from Finnish Sápmi, it was set for a meeting between two of the most unique indigenous voices in the world today.

Both represent their culture, music and tradition at a very high level, a remarkable collaboration between two voices that both contrast and complement each other.

Most of the music is completely new, and written special for Nordic Namgar. But there is also some famous Buryat and Mongolian traditional tunes in brand new exciting arrangements. The band is among Norway’s finest musicians, and it’s truly a great pleasure to hear Namgar in a Nordic music landscape.

Nordic Namgar:
• Namgar Lkhasaranova (vocals)
• Niillas Holmberg (vocals)
• Ole Jørn Myklebust (trumpet, xaphoon, keyboard)
• Fredrik Ellingsen (guitar, electronics)
• Kjetil Dalland (bass)
• Herman Rundberg (drums, percussion)
• Evgeny Zolotarev (chanza)

The album is released in cooperation with the Riddu Riddu-festival, and is supported by the Norwegian Art Council.

“The Dawn of the Foremothers”2012

The Dawn of the Foremothers is Namgar’s new album recorded September 19-24, 2012, in Hanover,Germany with a team of international musicians. The goal of our recording sessions was to distill the beauty of ancient Siberian music of  Namgar’s native Buryatia and frame it with the help of the contemporary instruments and cutting-edge sound technologies.


“NOMAD” 2009

In late 2008, they completed a new album Nomad that comprizes songs in at least 2 styles: traditional Mongolian/Buryat music   and ethno-rock.


“Hatar” 2003.

Namgar’s debute CD titled Hatar (Dance), was recorded and issued in October 2003 by Moscow World Music label Sketis Music. It attracted several international reviews, including Dirty Linen that would endorse both the music and the cover design by Dashi Namdakov (selecting just 2 CDs out of half a dozen Sketis CDs directed to them for review).